Ghislain Rodrigues

About me

My name is Ghislain Rodrigues, programmer based in London. I love to code, it is my job, but a hobby too.

When I code, I enjoy facing challenges, understanding algorithms, making things do stuffs. I am very interested in game programming and try to spend as much time as possible different concepts to eventually see my own game be created.

I also like to see well done code and tend to be a bit OCD, I give a huge importance in coding standards. I don't like to waste time and make people waste their time, and thus, I always dedicate a decent amount of time to commit my work properly, in logical, ordered and atomic commits to help (I hope) people reading my code.

For me, sharing information is invaluable and I am always happy to share what I know and learn from people. At work, I reguarly give one to one workshops on advanced features of Git, or about random programming topics.

When I am not coding, I like (among other things) to travel and take pictures.